Criminal Law

George F Walker QC is a lawyer who is a recognized Specialist in Criminal Law, defending individuals and companies charged with criminal conduct.

Mr Walker is a known as one of Canada ’s top Criminal Law defence lawyers who has been involves in many high profiled cases during his lengthy career.

Having yourself caught in the shackles of the criminal justice system can be a frightening experience. Aside from the embarrassment and shame that you may feel, the possibility of obtaining a criminal record or facing a jail sentence is real.

Going Before The Courts

If you have been arrested as a suspect in a criminal act, you will be brought before the court for a bail hearing or, released on a Promise to Appear at the police station that served you with a notice to appear in criminal court.

The method decided upon will depend on a number of factors including but not limited to, the nature of the alleged crime, whether you are currently facing other charges, whether you have a criminal record and the nature of your criminal record.

If you are held by the police for a bail hearing you will be kept in custody until you can be brought before a Justice of the Peace (“J.P.”). The J.P. will make his or her decisions, based on the evidence presented in court, whether or not you should be released from jail pending the resolution of your criminal charge.

Some of the factors considered by the J.P. are whether you are likely to show up to court, whether you are likely to be a danger to the public if you are released, whether your detention is necessary in order to maintain confidence in the administration of justice.

Should the J.P. have , there may be various conditions placed upon your release and / or requiring a surety. A surety can be a friend or family member who is willing to pledge a certain sum of money and guarantee to the court that he or she will ensure that you attend court as required, abide by the conditions of your release, and make sure you stay out of trouble.

If the Justice of the Peace determines that there are concerns or issues which cannot be adequately addressed by the requirement of a surety and / or the ordering of conditions, you will be detained in custody pending the conclusion of your criminal charge.

If you are held in confinement, you can apply for a review of your bail hearing. Regardless of whether you are granted release, you will be given a return date to appear in court to deal with the criminal charge.

If you are served a notice to appear in court or are released from the police station on a Promise to Appear, there may be two separate dates mentioned on these documents. The first is the date you are to attend court. The second date is the date, time and place where you are required to appear for photographs and fingerprints. Failing to attend at either of these dates can lead to additional criminal charges.

If you are released on a Promise to Appear, there may be certain conditions that accompany this form of release. You will know this because you will have given a written promise to abide by any such conditions. Again, failure to obey these conditions can lead to further criminal charges.

Criminal Law is complex and the implications of a conviction are many. Choosing George F Walker QC… a Specialist in Criminal Law needs to be your first call to action if you are charged with a criminal offence.