George F Walker QC
Certified by the Law Society as a
“Specialist” in Criminal Law

George F Walker QC has practiced criminal law covering a 40 year period of continuous service. During his tenure as a Criminal Law Specialist, George has represented clients charged with all types violations covered under the Criminal Code of Canada and offences related to the Controlled Drug and Substances Act.

Mr. Walker has been associated with a number of high profile cases dealing with:

  • First Degree Murder
  • Second Degree Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Criminal Negligence Causing Death
"George Walker is a prominent criminal defence lawyer…. He has a well deserved reputation for being highly competent, ethical and responsible." The Honorable Patrick T. Galligan, Q.C.

George has received many accolades over his long tenure in criminal law, along with being chronicled in a Report to the Attorney General on Certain Matters Relating to Karla Homolka – ADR Chambers, An Alternative Dispute.

References to Mr. Walker’s defence of notoriety can also be found in numerous writings published by many established authors, periodicals and print houses.

Great World Trials Most Visible Ink Press

Karla A Pact With The Devil Random House of Canada

Invisible Darkness Little Brown and Company (Canada( Limited)

Deadly Innocence Warner Publications

Lethal Marriage McLellan – Batam Inc.

“Canadian Dream Team” Elm Street Magazine, (Nov 1998) Crime on the Street, by Neil Morton.

Since being certified in 1989 as a Specialist in Criminal Law, Mr. Walker has included other areas of specialty into his practice which include:

  • Professional Discipline Complaints
  • Income Tax Prosecutions &
  • Customs Act Prosecution

Being charged with a criminal offence can be a life altering experience. Put your trust in someone who has the knowledge and experience you require during your time of need…. George F Walker QC.